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Step 1 Soil Management

with Agri-Remedy and Agri-Achieve

Soil compaction is related to soil management and is a major problem facing most farmers today.
Hard and compacted soil does not allow root systems to penetrate thus creating poor root development. Too many chemicals and fertilizer combination have killed the necessary organisms resulting in the formation of the hard, compacted soil layer.

The solution is for farmers to learn how to:

  • Improve soil tilth
  • Build microorganisms and earthworms back into the soil
  • Clean up toxicity through bioremediation
  • Good root penetration can result in possible increases in yield
  • Reduce erosion
  • Reduce run-off
  • Increase the soil’s water holding capacity
  • Eliminate the hard toxic layers

Use Agri-Achieve and Agri-Remedy, solutions of nutrients and microorganisms to help repair and sustain healthy, productive soil.

To achieve proper soil management:

  1. Fill tank with clean, chlorine-free water
  2. Add proper amount of Agri-Achieve (varies based on soil type)
  3. Add Agri-Remedy to the mixture of water and Agri-Achieve.


Contact your local representative for exact amount details.

The soil and root mass on the right was treated with Step One® Agri-Remedy and Agri-Achieve showing the proper root development. The untreated, compacted mass on the left shows less root development and less production resulting in less profit.

Learn more about soil management:
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