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Step 3 Weed and Pest Control

with our Vegetable Oil

One of our main concerns is soil and water pollution. Our Step 3 Vegetable Oil is where the oil encapsulates the chemical thus protecting it from sunlight, oxygen, volatilization, drift and runoff. You get excellent performance at significantly lower chemical rates, increased coverage due to its spreading and sticking ability, and reduced chemical wash-off.

Determining Need
Before using Our Vegetable Application you must:

  • Determine the pest
  • Pick the pesticide to do the best job of controlling the pest
  • Use as small amount of pesticide as possible to control the pest
  • Use Our Vegetable Oil where permitted
  • Follow label on chemical for mixing sequence.

Vegetable Oil

  • Encapsulates the chemical protecting it from sunlight and oxygen which reduces volatilization, drift, and run-off
  • Helps generate uniform droplet size
  • Increases coverage due to its spreading and sticking ability
  • Reduces chemical wash-off
  • Gives better control of chemicals resulting in the need for fewer chemicals

Our Step 3 Vegetable Oil is cost-effective and easy to use.
Measure the correct amount of Step 3 Vegetable Oil for the amount per acre. Check with your local distributor for the correct mixing amounts as they are dependent on what plant stage you are spraying (i.e. soil incorporation, pre-emerge, or post emerge).

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