Welcome to B & S Research

B & S Research, Embarrass, Minnesota, USA is a natural bio company established in 1979 which formulates natural bio products and markets them worldwide. B & S Research got their start in agriculture with our main focus on removing petro base residuals in the soil. Soon after we realized a need for the bio formulas in other areas like solid waste, industrial waste, livestock production and recently bio medical. Our diversity comes from our multi strain formulas with more than 40 different types of bacteria, fungus and algae.  Our bio can remediate all types of organic compounds and some inorganic compounds which allows a wide range of uses.
We are constantly striving to improve on our bio formulations and innovative applications and delivery systems.
B & S Research offers private labeling services in addition to providing the B & S Research brand.

Our Program

Farm For Profit is the leader in Sustainable Agriculture through Bio-Remediation, which is the integration of natural microorganisms into the soil. It is a 4 step program which helps farmers:

  • Through soil management, we develop healthy soil
    with Agri – Achieve and Agri – Remedy
  • Balance nutrition with True Solution Starter Fertilizer
  • Reduce chemical rates with Farm For Profit Vegetable Oil
  • Through education and training to maximize success,
    which is Farmers helping Farmers
  • Reduce odor and increase pumpability of livestock waste
    with our Manure Liquefier


For more information on our products
or to find a dealer, please call
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