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Manure Liquefier

Managing Controversial Problems

Odor, flies, and pit pump ability are the most offensive problems related to livestock operations. Our Manure Liquefier helps eliminate these problems.

The Problem

The management of livestock manure pits has become one of the most controversial and contentious problems facing livestock growers today. Municipal, county, state, and provincial governments, along with a strong rural resident lobby, demand that livestock producers address issues such as:

  • Odor
  • Potential water pollution
  • Disposal

The Solution

Manure Liquefier responds to the challenges faced by livestock producers by:

  • Significantly reducing odor
  • Promoting pit pump ability

Manure odor is caused by the fermentation of organic compounds when the manure decomposes too slowly thus producing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and ammonia. Manure pits are composed of primarily solids and water, often form crusts of up to 18” thick leaving only the anaerobic microbes to do the work. Aerobic as well as anaerobic microorganisms are needed to break down the solids.

Manure Liquefier:

  • Establishes the aerobic and anaerobic mechanisms which reduce odor, flies, and crust
  • Converts the total nitrogen and phosphate to organic form which is 100% available to the plant
  • Reduces the nutrients down to their organic form which makes them more environmentally friendly thus increasing the nutrient value to the plant.

Our Manure Liquefier corrects the balance of aerobic and anaerobic decomposition, creating a living, breathing ecosystem that rapidly digests inorganic material and converts the solid manure into organic slow release form. This application protects valuable nutrients so they are not lost once they are applied to the soil. Manure Liquefier keeps rotating the solids to the surface and eliminates the crust. The result is a liquid form which has a higher nutrient value, easy to pump, easy to spread, and easy on the nose.

The Application

Begin with a simple initial pit treatment followed with a periodic maintenance program. Your Farm For Profit advisor will be glad to assist you with application rates and procedures.