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B & S Research Working to Eliminate PEDV

We knew that Manure Pit Liquefier worked at reducing odor, and fly propagation while converting nutrients to organic form which is 100% available to the plant. What we didn’t foresee is that in the process we have successfully created an entire new product called “B&S Solutions”. This new product according to the University of Minnesota, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine has the ability to kill the PED virus in a test slurry.

We’ve also been working with the Swine Vet Center, P.A. to combat the PED virus, and are making excellent progress. The objective of our research is to determine the effect of B&S Solutions on the growth, immunological response and intestinal development of PEDV infected pigs.

There were four treatments evaluated at weaning in PEDV infected nursery pigs.

  • Directly infected controls
  • Directly infected, Feed Application
  • Directly infected, Dermal Application
  • Indirectly infected, Dermal Application

In a report by the Swine Vet Center, P.A., they stated; “Treated pigs appeared to be more active in the first 2-3 days post infection. Additionally, the feeder that was shared by the treated groups consumed 100 pounds more feed, this is a very important advantage to pigs treated with B&S Solutions. The differences in immune response are encouraging, and may explain the improved growth during the final week of the study.”

“The difference of 2 pounds weight gain that we observed during the 3.5 week trial in our barn would be of tremendous economic value to a producer. At that rate, the differences could be as high as 7-8 pounds at the end of an 8 week turn in a nursery. Larger grower pigs ultimately perform better through the finishing phase of the pigs’ life cycle compared to the control.”

We are so encouraged that we at B&S Research are seeking hog producers who are experiencing new or reoccurring PEDV infections in order to conduct further testing. For more information, you can contact us at 1-800-232-7693 or 218-984-3757. Or feel free to email us at Our goal is to make producers profitability with innovation and technology.

In conclusion of the University of Minnesota’s Department of Veterinary Population Medicine research, we have successfully eliminated 99.9% (in a test slurry) of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV) in just a short time. Which is to say, very impressive with encouraging results.